The Spanish Rugby Federation recently confirmed two tests this November, against American oppositions. Among them, Canada vs Spain Rugby Madrid Action November 2017 will be the most thrilling rugby match in America.

Canada vs Spain Rugby Madrid Action November 2017

Apparently, Spain’s ranking according to the World Rugby Federation is at 19 while Canada ranks at position 24. This means that Spain will likely bring a tough test to Canada which will only heighten the stakes in this game.

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CAN vs ESP Madrid Game Schedule

Canada vs Spain Rugby Madrid Action November 2017 Schedule perhaps remembers you about the Saturday’s most thrilling match. So, get ready to enjoy the game right now.

Flashback Spain Rugby

Over the recent past, we have seen an immense rise in the Spain Rugby game. After a streak of poor performances that had kept them lowly ranked, the team finally got into shape in 2014, where they were able to get in top 20 for the first in history.

The Spain game revolution took place after the 2015 campaign, where they only managed to win two of their games as well two draws. This led to the team’s revolution in which they had to restructure the makeup of the team according to the Rugby Federation. The team adopted a more attacking formation as we have seen in its last matches.

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Both Teams Strength

Despite a Few struggles, their attacks are lethal, and if the Canadian team won’t be careful, then most probably, they are likely to incur the cost of poor defending. Spain’s defending formation is quite strong. However, the Canadians may be able to break their resilience at the back, because, despite their lethal attacks, their defense has let them down quite a few times. For Canada to smash the points in this game, they have to explore the Spanish backline.

Canada At Spain last Meeting

These two teams do not have a history of games that they have faced each other because they have only met once during the November 2010 meeting at the Complutense University of Madrid, where the game ended, 60-22 in favor of Canada.

So this will actually be their second meeting and there is a lot of expected considering the current form of the Spain Rugby team. You would note that during their last meeting, Spain was badly off form as they were not even on the top 20 teams in rank. In their current form, they may give Canada a run for their money.

Winning Chances of Madrid Game

It is actually a hard match to predict, according to the recent forms of the teams. In 2017 alone, the Canada team has not been so lucky as it has racked up only one win and lost a whopping 8 matches, it will be difficult for them to concede a defeat.

On the other hand, Spain has played 8 matches winning four of them and losing four as well. So in this game, the Spaniards have the best opportunity of winning, because statistically they have the best form, and a winning percentage of 50% in 2017 compared to that of Canada less than 15%. To be precise, the Spaniards have an 80% winning chance.

The game hype is already starting to spread rapidly. Follow the Spain Rugby and Canada Rugby on Twitter and wait for the Canada vs Spain Rugby Madrid Action November test 2017.