England and Australia are notoriously strong rugby teams and their performance for this OMW Series test will definitely be a pleasure to witness. At three o’clock in the afternoon, London Meeting November 18 Australia vs England Rugby will be held at Twickenham Stadium. And here we will try to provide pros and cons of the battle.

London Meeting November 18 Australia vs England Rugby

This will be the second of three autumn internationals for England. In its blistering 2016 run, the English brought down the Australians at a score 37-21. Would repeat that jaw-dropping performance a challenge for the British?

George Ford and the English are quite confident to take the challenge to beat the Wallabies at their home.

The two teams have a long-standing history, having fought 48 rugby matches in total. England has won 22 of those while the other team was won 25, leaving one match a draw. They have one the biggest rivalries in sport.

AUS vs ENG OMW Series Schedule

So, get ready to watch the London Meeting November 18 Australia vs England Rugby. Here’s the schedule for the biggest rivalry match

Previous Match in Brief

In their previous match, England disappointed Australia but it wasn’t an easy task. In fact, England trailed at halftime but it was their consistency that got them through. For the first forty minutes of that game, Australia performed so well but they could not sustain their gameplay for the rest of the match. The win was the cherry on top for England, who was by then already their 14th on a streak.

The Wallabies Rugby

Australia’s scrum remains a very powerful weapon for the team and they’re ready to use when necessary. And England better prepares because Australia will be coming from a 13-win streak which they can turn into 14 if they win this game.

The third best team in the world showed impressive coordination and bursts of energy now and there.

The English Caliber

There is also a lot of potential within this team but their recent performance shows a weakened approach. The absence of key players and the tactical switching around of players by the coach revealed a very shaky dynamic amongst the group.

Australia vs England Last Four Matches

Both teams have met quite a number of times. Their past four matches happened last year with the other happening in October of 2015. The record strongly reflects Australia’s weakened performance last year as well as England’s meteoric flawless finish.

During the Rugby World Cup 2015, England beat Australia 33-13. During the England tour, they managed the same performance over four matches scores. Scores were, chronologically, 39-28, 23-7, 44-40, and 37-21.

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Odds of the biggest Rivalry Match

For this game, the odds favor the revamped Australian team where the Israel Folau is ready to show his tremendous skill. Since its major overhaul, they have outperformed long-lasting rivals and display strong game while on the field. England, however, has a standing chance to beat the Kangaroos. Strong offensive and sustained gameplay could be the golden ticket to rugby dominance for England.