History of New Zealand Rugby Team

Rugby has been a national intensity and has huge control over New Zealand life and culture for almost 140 years. The New Zealand national rugby union team is known as the All Blacks, they got that name during their remarkable and outstanding 1905 tour to the British Isles, France, and Canada.

The history of All Blacks Rugby is so posh and classy as they become gradually a rugby power among the rugby playing teams.

The All Blacks have their home and origins in New Zealand and are the keeper of the Rugby World Cup. They are the 2012 International Rugby Board (IRB) Team of the Year so you can understand how it has become a source of immense national pride.

Rugby football was introduced to New Zealand by Charles Monro in 1870 when the first rugby game according to strict official rugby rules and regulation was played on New Zealand’s soil. In the history of New Zealand Rugby Team, they have won over 75% of their test matches.

New Zealand rugby team has held number one ranking longer than all other teams combined since the inauguration of the IRB’s world rankings in October 2014. Even currently they also hold the first ranking in the World Rugby Rankings.

Tournaments played by New Zealand Rugby Team

New Zealand Rugby Team takes part in the Rugby Championship, Rugby World Cup, New Zealand National Rugby Sevens Tournament and Tri-Nations. The Rugby Championship is an international rugby union competition played each year by Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Before Argentina joined that tournament was known as the Tri-Nations.

Usually, the Rugby Championship took place on August The Rugby World Cup is contested every four years between the top international teams including New Zealand. New Zealand has won the trophy twice in 1987 and 2011 with their national team.

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All Blacks Rugby App and Website

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Official Website of All Blacks Rugby

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All Blacks Rugby App

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New Zealand Rugby Team Home Stadium

The All Blacks play their Test matches at a mixture of venues throughout the whole country. Unlike the other major rugby nations such as Argentina, Australia, France and South Africa, New Zealand does not have an official home stadium for its national rugby team. All Blacks Rugby Team has 16 stadiums, all stadiums with a accommodation of more than 15,000 are included.

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All Blacks Rugby Tickets

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All Blacks Rugby Broadcasting partner

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New Zealand Rugby Team Betting

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New Zealand Rugby Team News

As a die-hard fan of the All Blacks Rugby always waits for on-time news about the exceptional performances of New Zealand. Many websites follow up the news of the All Blacks Rugby. The official site of the All Blacks Rugby provides the latest news of them. Nzherald, another news site which covers all news of the All Blacks Rugby.

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All Blacks Rugby Team Forum & Community

Likewise All Blacks Rugby App and official website, you can get news from the forum and community of the All Blacks. In the forum like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ the fans, as well as the player, share their thoughts and views.

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New Zealand Rugby on Twitter

  • All Blacks Rugby on Twitter draws many aspects of the team. It enables All Blacks Rugby Team supporters to send and read “tweets” but before posting your tweets you must be a registered user of them otherwise you can only read them. You can entree to the New Zealand Rugby Twitter service through the website interface, SMS, or mobile device app.

Follow New Zealand Rugby on Facebook

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Get New Zealand Rugby on Google+

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