History of the Wales Rugby Team

 The Wales national rugby union team presents proudly Wales in international rugby union tournaments. This rugby team was formed on 12 March 1881 at The Castle Hotel, Neath. Wales played their first international against England the same year but later quickly developed by the 1890s. The Red Dragons is their official nickname. The International Rugby Board (IRB) compliments the Rugby Team of Wales as a Tier One rugby nation and the IRB World Rankings 23 December 2013 Wales Rugby Team stand in sixth rank. You may also like to know that Wales were ranked eighth when the IRB World Rankings were introduced in October 2003.more wiki

Broadcasting partner of the Wales Rugby Team

 Live Wales Rugby Team matches are covered by one of the world’s best broadcaster named BBC. It holds the television and radio UK broadcasting rights to the Wales Rugby Team matches. They also provide you great quality of after match highlights.

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 Tournaments played by Wales Rugby Team

 They contest per annul in The Six Nations Championship accompanied with England, France, Ireland, Italy and Scotland. After every four years the Red Dragons compete in the Rugby World Cup with the top international rugby teams. In the Rugby World Cup 1987 they stood on third position and in the Rugby World Cup 2011 won fourth rank but have not ever won the Rugby World Cup trophy.

 Official site and Official app of Wales Rugby Team

 The Official website of the Wales Rugby Team presents minute by minute news about the team. This website also covers live scoring of matches participated by Wales Rugby Team. A short number of match tickets are also sold from their official website. You must have to follow this official site in order to tie up your bonding with the Red Dragons more hardly.

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 Home Stadium of the Red Dragons

At present Wales perform all their home matches at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, which is the fourth-most spacious in the entire United Kingdom, behind Wembley, Twickenham and Old Trafford. The Millennium Stadium has a space for 74,500 viewers at a time. This is the largest stadium in Wales and also declared as Wales’ national stadium. Around WRU £126 million was spend to construct this Home Ground of the Wales Rugby Team.

 Wales Rugby Team ticket

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Wales Rugby Team Betting

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Wales Rugby Team News

 We know that rugby lovers around the Europe always want to get team news at very short time after occurring. To feast your thirst of Wales Rugby Team News we bring news from different trusted sources and present it in front of you in a very nice decorative way. You can also follow other news giving websites like BBC, skysports etc.

Wales The Red Dragons Team Forum & Community

 In recent year it has been noticed that fans of the Rugby Team of Wales are getting involved with Team forums. Thus we can assume that people love to join in an argument about their beloved the Red Dragons. If you are also feeling exciting about arguing with other fans of the team, you have to join Wales Rugby Team forum. This forum is especially designed for supporters of them like you.

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 Follow Wales Rugby Team on Twitter. As you are a true supporter of Wales Rugby Team you will find it definitely interesting. You should be a registered member of them to send and read “tweets” whereas people who are not registered cannot send “tweets” only can read it. 1. Twitter.com/WelshRugbyUnion 2. Twitter.com/WalesRugby

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