History of the IRB Sevens World Series:

 The IRB Sevens World Series is an annual series of international rugby seven tournaments run by the International Rugby Board staring national sevens rugby teams. In the 1999-2000 seasons it was established for the first time as the World Sevens Series. New Zealand had originally dominated the Series since the very first season of it by winning eleven out of the 14 seasons, and winning the first six seasons from 1999-2000 to 2004-05. Howbeit, since 2005, several other teams have prosperously challenged New Zealand’s supremacy. Fiji, South Africa and Samoa have each claimed the crown of the IRB Sevens World Series since then. Many minor rugby nations have become hard as nails side by side. A group of 15 “core teams” is declared publicly for each occasion. The core teams have been screened through a designated promotion or relegation course of actions based on performances in the earlier season. Due to sponsorship from banking group HSBC this tournament known officially as the HSBC Sevens World Series since the 2010-11 season.

IRB Sevens World Series 2017

IRB Sevens World Series 2017

IRB Sevens World Series live streaming:

In 2010–11 IRB Sevens World Series the tour received 3,657 hours coverage of air time (1,161 hours live). That series was available in 332 million homes in whole world, with a potential audience of 760 million. In consequence most of the leading sports broadcasting authorities cover the matches of IRB Sevens World Series. These websites or tv channels also offers video highlights of those matches.

Upcoming IRB Sevens World Series Date and Time:

 The 2013–14 IRB Sevens World Series will be the 15th annual series of rugby union seven tournaments and known as the HSBC Sevens World Series for sponsorship reasons. The 2013–14 core teams are Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Kenya, New Zealand, Portugal, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, United States and Wales. From 24 January 2014 to 26 January 2014 there are matches of IRB Sevens World Series at the Sam Boyd Stadium, Las Vegas.

IRB Sevens World Series last winner:

 The 2012–13 IRB Sevens World Series was took place from 13 Oct 2012 to 12 May 2013. New Zealand was the champion of this tournament and South Africa was runners-up. Dan Norton player of England worn the crown of the top point scorer with 264 points while his closer competitor was a fiji player named Joji Baleviani Raqamate with 247 points.

IRB Sevens World Series Draw, Fixture and point table:

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 In every IRB Sevens World Series season all the participant team s try to be serious throughout all their matches not only for their ranking in the present session but also for next session’s selection. So ultimately viewers of this tournament remain thirsty to know the time to time ranking of their supported team. We will provide you a point table of the series from which you can easily observe the situation of those teams. After every match this point table is updated.

Betting and odd dictation:

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IRB Sevens World Series Ticket Information:

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