The Rugby League World Cup will take part this year from 27th October to 2nd December in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. This year 19 teams will take part of the competition, man and women, players around the world in 13 host cities like Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, Hamilton and Canberra. This is the most anticipated season for rugby lovers and the perfect excuse to get away from your boss.Six Official Travel Agents are selling fan packs so you can go and enjoy watching your team win. You can see the plans in the official web site and buy the one that best fits your needs.

Rugby League World Cup 2017

Rugby League World Cup 2017  TV Rights

Thought, you still have time to save money, look for your tickets and googling for some friends in order to have somewhere to stay. If not, you don’t have to be worried because there are others ways by which you can enjoy the tournament, this year there is more than one bidder in the field. The Seven Network, the leader in sports broadcasting wins the World Cup TV rights and will broadcast live and free all the games on TV and on internet. This is the first time that Fox Sport and Channel Nine have a new competitor.

Rugby League World Cup 2017 Live Stream Channel TV

Here there is the list of the companies where you should see the matches per region. Super sport, for Africa and adjacent islands, Seven Network for Australia, Sky Network Television for New Zealand, ESPN/TSN for North America and South America, J Sports for Japan, Setanta Sports for Asia-Pacific, OSN Afghanistan, Sky Italia, Canal + and Sky UK for the European countries. Also you can see news and updates on RBS Nations, Rugbypass and the Rugby Channel TV.

Rugby League World Cup 2017 Apps

Also you can look for the Android and Apple Official app, RBS 6 Nation. Here you would see all the news, line ups and previews that you want. Also you can enjoy the best moments of the matches with video highlights on and off the field. The application will be available in English, French, Italian, and actually all the languages that the rugby lover needs based on the device localization. You can downloaded for iOS, Android or Kindle Fire.
Finally do not miss the opportunity to visit one of these chic cities, the Sydney Opera House, one of the most famous buildings in the world, the Island of Tasmania, for those who love the sun, the Great Barrier Reef perfect for diving and snorkeling or enjoy a romantic walk at sunset over the bridge of the bay, another place you must go if you are in Australia.

As you see there are plenty of reason to go and if you really want it but is out of your budget the other option could be as a volunteer of the League World Cup. You can look for it in the official web page as well, but remember that the best part of the game are where you an scream out loud the try whilst you eat the typical dish, the meatloaf!

2017 Rugby League World Cup Group Format

The Pool format will be based on the 14 Team format used in the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

Pool A

Pool B
New Zealand

Pool C
Papua New Guinea

Pool D

2017 Rugby League World Cup Fixtures, Dates and kick-off times

Round 1

27/10/2017 Pool – Round 1 Australia vs England Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
28/10/2017 Pool – Round 1 PNG v Wales Port Moresby (venue TBA)
28/10/2017 Pool – Round 1 New Zealand vs Samoa Mt Smart, Auckland
28/10/2017 Pool – Round 1 Fiji vs USA Townsville Stadium
29/10/2017 Pool – Round 1 Scotland vs Tonga Barlow Park, Cairns
29/10/2017 Pool – Round 1 Ireland vs Italy Barlow Park, Cairns
29/10/2017 Pool – Round 1 France vs Lebanon Canberra Stadium

Round 2

3/11/2017 Pool – Round 2 Australia vs France Canberra Stadium
4/11/2017 Pool – Round 2 New Zealand vs Scotland Christchurch Stadium
4/11/2017 Pool – Round 2 Samoa vs Tonga Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
4/11/2017 Pool – Round 2 England vs Lebanon Sydney Football Stadium
5/11/2017 Pool – Round 2 PNG vs Ireland Port Moresby (venue TBA)
5/11/2017 Pool – Round 2 Italy vs USA Townsville Stadium
5/11/2017 Pool – Round 2 Fiji vs Wales Townsville Stadium

Round 3

10/11/2017 Pool – Round 3 Fiji vs Italy Canberra Stadium
11/11/2017 Pool – Round 3 Samoa vs Scotland Barlow Park, Cairns
11/11/2017 Pool – Round 3 New Zealand vs Tonga Waikato Stadium, Hamilton
11/11/2017 Pool – Round 3 Australia vs Lebanon Sydney Football Stadium
12/11/2017 Pool – Round 3 PNG vs USA Port Moresby (venue TBA)
12/11/2017 Pool – Round 3 Wales vs Ireland Perth Rectangular Stadium
12/11/2017 Pool – Round 3 England vs France Perth Rectangular Stadium

Quarter Finals

17/11/2017 Quarter Final Darwin Stadium
18/11/2017 Quarter Final Christchurch Stadium
18/11/2017 Quarter Final Wellington Regional Stadium
19/11/2017 Quarter Final Melbourne Rectangular Stadium

Semi Finals

24/11/2017 Semi Final Brisbane Stadium
25/11/2017 Semi Final Mt Smart, Auckland

World Cup Final

2/12/017 Final Brisbane Stadium