If you are a true fan of rugby, you will know that when November comes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy in Autumn Internationals, the world’s international rugby matches. On the 18th of November 2017, the USA vs Germany Men’s Rugby Wiesbaden Meeting held as a friendly international game.

National coach Potgieter calls for a performance increase for the Saturday game.

Brief History of The Test

The Autumn Internationals are the end-of-the-year tests for 20 countries worldwide. The teams are divided into home and away teams; home ones are the teams from Europe and the away teams are all the others. The USA is going to compete with not at all pleasant Germans. What is more interesting is that this is the first ever match between these two teams.

Germany vs USA Schedule

  • Kick-Off: 17:00 local; 16:00 GMT
  • Venue: BRITA-Arena, Wiesbaden
  • Date: 18th November 2017
  • TV: ESPN

The USA Rugby in Brief

The famous Eagles are very tough in this area; some may say this is their sport. With the best ranking of 14th place and the Rugby World Cup as the highest tournament play, they represent a hard team willing to win the game.

Germany Rugby Stats

Germans are not different at all. Even though that football may be the nation’s favorite, it seems that this sport is being developed highly as well as the number of sportsmen interested to play this rough game. The Germans may brag with the silver medal from the 1900 Olympic games, and no matter how old that medal is, the spirit that they can and will do more is very strong among the players.

USA and Germany Game Record

Both teams are equal this year. They both have two victories; Germans have lost one game more than the Eagles, who played draw with Argentina earlier this year. However, both teams are rising when it comes to winning, so this game will certainly be a tough one.

USA vs Germany Men’s Rugby Wiesbaden Meeting Odds

The odds are not telling us anything at the moment, but the odds are there to play an important role in the game. They serve to boost strength for both teams, and they are perhaps leaning more towards the Eagles this time. Having in mind that this is their first match ever, what we are about to see will be beyond every odd.

An interesting game is coming up for the weekend, a historical one we might say, as a true pleasure for the rugby fans. Enjoy and support your team.