If you love rugby, it can be hard to keep up with all the live matches on all the forms of the game including Ruby Union, Rugby League and even the immensely popular rugby sevens. As there is no single conventional TV service which provides in-depth coverage of all the rugby matches around the globe, your only choice is therefore the many Free Rugby Live Streaming websites on the web.

This guide provides an objective review of the Top 10 Free Rugby Live Streaming Site list, Ranking them on their coverage, convenience and reliability.

1. RojaDirecta.me

RojaDirecta has a well deserved reputation as the most robust site offering sports streaming indexing. All you need is a good enough internet connection. There are no subscriptions, masking your IP address or any charges. Its range of sports channels and reliability means there is always a link to rugby streams in both high and standard definition quality.

RojaDirecta.me Pros Cons
RojaDirecta.me     1. No subscription or charges required

2. Compatible Android and iOS apps available

1. Matches not arranged to categories or sports makes navigation har

2. Streamsports.me

This website offers detailed sports stream indexing service including rugby. There are no restrictions based on either location or device used. You can watch the live footage with commentary in your preferred language or select highlights of past matches. Users who access the site by means of the mobile app have added benefits. There are accompanying visual graphics which offer great insights to the team, the championship and how the two teams measure up on a head-to-head basis.


1. Select favorite teams and get alerts before matches commence

2. Prioritizes the needs of users above those of webmasters


1. A lot of pop-up ads


ESPN prides itself as the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” and that is borne out by their unrivalled coverage of all types of sports. Though most of ESPN resources are devoted to US sports like American football and basketball, they also cover European sports like Rugby. On ESPN(.)GO.COM you can stream live Rugby Union and Rugby League matches and even the HSBC Rugby Sevens World Tour.


1. Custom apps available for both Android and iOS smartphones

2. Plenty of expert analysis

3. Stats, fixtures and logs available

4. Replays available


1. Service only available for subscribers in the USA, UK, Argentina and Australia

5. drakulastream.eu

Draculastream.eu is one of a kind website for free rugby live streaming. It offers a rich selection of matches from around the world. Draculastream is what is referred to as a Live Stream hunter website. It aggregates streaming content from the entire web.


1. Widest range of dedicated Rugby TV channels

2. Alternative streams provided

2. Replays available


1. Not enough HD streams available

6. LiveTv.sx

The LiveTV website is like the equivalent of a candy store for sports streaming. Indeed, it offers such a varied number of multiple streams that it can appear to be a bit disorganized. Other than the live streams, you also have access to archival video footage of past matches.


1. Wide range of dedicated Rugby TV channels

2. Analysis, statistics and match preview information available

3. Fan forum and running commentary for major matches

4. All services offered free of charge


1. Popup ads can be a distraction

2. You need to register an account to access all the services providing

7. Sport Lemon TV


Among the sites offering live rugby stream free on the web, this is perhaps the one which offers the simplest interface of all. The site is committed to offering quality rather than variety.


1. Simple and intuitive interface

2. All services offered free of charge


1. Only limited dedicated rugby channels available

2. Does not include detailed analysis and features

How to Enjoy Free Rugby Live Streaming

Admittedly, enjoying free live streaming of rugby matches can be a hassle. Here are some tips which will help you to enjoy this the best:

1. Have a good internet connection as video streaming consumes a lot of bandwidth

2. Ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your PC

3. Install an Effective AdBlock utility to prevent popup ads from spoiling your experience

8. Bosscast.net

Bosscast.net is a relatively late entrant in the field of lives sports streaming. However, it has quickly gained an avid fandom. The site is mainly geared towards users in the United States with channels such as FOX Sports, ESPN and NBA TV being very prominent. However, the site has expanded its featured streams to include UK Sports channels such as BT Sports and ITV Sports where you can catch live rugby matches.
1. Simple and intuitive interface
2. Customize program guide to feature program times in your own time zone
3. Easy navigation
1. Large number of popups and scam ads

9. Lshunters.tv

LSHunters offers a simple and intuitive interface for getting quality sports TV streams. The site offers a list of live matches across different disciplines. To select rugby streams, click on the “Select Sport” combo box. You can refine the search results by opting for your preference in the “Select Competition” combo box to the right.
1. Easy to get to the sports streams you want
2. Streams updated daily to eliminate broken and blocked URLs

1. Very pervasive and intrusive ads

10. iFirstrowus.eu

First Row Sports offers a very comprehensive collection of live streaming sports from all the leading TV companies. It offers a rich mix of both high definition and standard definition sports streams. The site has several dedicated HD streams and these offer high quality videos. Provided you have a good connection you do not have to worry about buffering or pixellation.
1. Wide selection of dedicated rugby streams
2. Most content available in HD format

1. Too many ads and may not work with some ad-blocking browser utilities
2. No mobile app