Rugby is one of the most sensational sports with a significantly populous fun base. This attraction creates a regular demand for constant reviews on the top international Rugby teams. The subsequent list is a compilation of the Top 10 international Rugby teams;

                                     Top 10 international Rugby Teams in 2017

The 2017 ranking of teams that have been vetted based on their performance. It is interesting to note that this list differs significantly from the 2016 ranking; however, many of the teams/nations have interchanged their positions since the last year with only a few entrants into the list. The following is a ranked list from top to bottom of top 10 international Rugby teams in 2017

10. Fiji Rugby | Flying Fijians Rugby

Fiji is a team that has been known to dominate the field of rugby since time immemorial. Perhaps one of the reasons that the team ranks here is because the year is still tender and with time it is expected that their position should improve. However, note that the ranking of Fiji in 2017 mirrors their 2016 performance. They are best known for their outstanding Rugby Sevens and to a much similar extent their fifteens as well.

9. Argentina Rugby | Los Pumas Rugby

Argentina this is a significant fall in their performance. This team was ranked number 4 in 2016 and has since dropped five positions. The Argentinian team has been a major competitor of the Rugby World Cups and has on several occasions ranked amongst the runners up for the world cup. In 2007 for instance, the team was able to make an adamant competition to emerge in the third position in the tournament. The Argentinian team is best known for their excellent forward pack as well as the fusillade of backline passing.

8. France Rugby | Les Bleus Rugby

France ranks number eight in the top 10 international Rugby teams this year a slight drop from 2016 from the eight position. The team which has a rich history of Rugby as having been introduced by the British in 1872 has become a very popular and aggressive competitor in the international leagues. In fact, this team is considered as one of the formidable forces in Europe as each year the team has been competing in the continental tournaments held. Moreover, they have participated in all the world cup competitions held since the beginning of the sport.

7. Wales Rugby

Wales has fallen two positions from 2016; nonetheless, the team is still very much in shape. The team like France has a rich history of participating in the sport and especially in the six nation’s tournament held annually. More interesting though is their impressive record of having won 24 times just behind England.

6. South Africa Rugby | Springboks

South Africa has been a competitive team in these competitions. It ranked position 2 in 2016 just behind the winners of that year. The history of their nation has been influencing the sport since the 1995 tournament when laws were changed to allow professional sporting in rugby. The team is infamous for its great runs, kicks, passes and forward drives.

5. Scotland Rugby | Scottish Rugby

Scotland has risen from position 9 in 2016 with an impressive performance in 2017. It prides itself as being among the oldest teams the world over. In fact, the team is marked as one of the pioneer members of the IRB. More impressive is the team’s performance taking on the English giants and even won against them.

4. Ireland Rugby | Irish Rugby

Ireland has improved by twice the steps from position 8 in 2016. Also another founding member the team has some of the top world class players of all times such as Brian O’Driscoll –ranking as the top try scorer for the team.

3. Australia Rugby | Wallabies Rugby

Australia is no newbie to the sport with an excellent record of several wins across international teams. The team continues to hold this impressive record even into 2017. With one of the best defenses in the world, the team has not moved a step as they ranked 3rd last year.

2. England Rugby | Red Rose

England has been a favorite team for many when it comes to scoring and turning tables in this sport. Each year this team sets out to be a force to reckon with; tearing apart previous set records with wins each time. They are particularly aggressive by utilizing strong forwards and great back kicks which allow them to open the field pay.

1. New Zealand Rugby | All Blacks Rugby

New-Zealand scoops the top position as the number one in the top 10 international rugby teams of 2017. The team’s record speaks for itself as each year the team has featured in top three positions, and many of these tournaments emerge as the winner.

So there goes the list of 2017 ranking of the top 10 international Rugby teams.

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