The Americas Rugby Championship 2019 or the Americas’ Six Nations, is a rugby tournament. This championship has disputed between countries from the North and South America. This year’s championship will start on the 2nd of February and end on the 9th of March. The inaugural edition of this tournament took place in 2009. The Pan-American teams met for the first time on that occasion. The structure of this tournament borrows many features from the European “Six Nations Championship”, things like timing and the organization. However, this was the most hyped rugby tournament that ever took place on the American continents.

Argentina Jaguares won the first edition of the ARC after an intense game with BC Bears. The Argentines managed to win the final with 35-11 and won the first Americas Rugby Championship Title in history.

This tournament suffered some adjustments in 2010 when 4 teams participate at the place of 6 teams. The tournament did not take place in 2011, due to the Rugby World Cup, but it returned in 2012. The organizers decided to return at the old structure, so now, the tournament has 6 participants again.

ARC 2019 Participating Countries

As we mentioned before, this tournament has six participants from six different countries. These participating countries are Argentina XV, Brazil, Canada, Chile, the United States, and Uruguay. Every country is ready to win this tournament, and the competition announces to be extremely harsh. Every team improved itself since last year and is ready to dethrone the current winner, USA Eagles.

Brazil Rugby Championship

Brazil is ready for the fourth participation in Americas Rugby Championship 2019. They are ready to turn the odds in their favor as well. After the last year’s disaster, when they only got the 5th place. They promise a new well-trained team, which is ready to face the tough opponents. Still, the Brazilian rugby union encountered an incredibly fast evolution. In 2009 they didn’t even have a proper national team. Today they are participating in the biggest American Rugby Tournament.

Chile Rugby Championship

This country is also a newcomer for this competition. Even if last year they finished in the last place. The Chilean national team managed to win the South American Rugby Championship, just 3 years ago in 2015. The team managed to reach the 29th place in the Rugby World Ranking. They failed to qualify for the latest World Cup. They are committe to make a good impression in Americas Rugby Championship 2019 via playing good rugby.

Uruguay Rugby Championship

Uruguay was always considered as an underdog in all the international competitions. However, in 2015 they produced the surprise and urged to qualify for the World Cup. And even they also qualify for the Rugby World Cup 2019 as well. Even if their team is mostly represented by amateur players, they managed to beat the odds and make a good impression in every competition so far. Last year they managed to occupy third place with winning three games out of five.

Canada Rugby Championship

Despite having a very professional team, the Canadians encountered some disappointing results in the past. They finished the last world cup without a win. Alongside, in ARC 2018, they occupied just the 4th place. But they certainly have to make a change for the Americas Rugby Championship 2019 battle. As their coach says: “It’s pointless to have talented players if we cannot make them play as a team”.

Last winner of the Americas Rugby Championship – USA Eagles 

Argentina XV is considered by many, the best Rugby team in the Americans continent. But the reigning champion is the USA Men’s Eagles Rugby team. They simply crushed their competition in the Americas Rugby Championship. They managed to win the back to back edition in 2017 and 2018. Their only true adversary might be represented by the Argentina XV. Argentina XV was also the runner-up in the last edition of the ARC tournament.

The Last Runner-up of the Americas Rugby Championship – Argentina XV

The Argentina XV managed to recover themselves and almost won the last edition of the ARC. Their national team has some enthusiastic players who will try to bring the next tournament’s trophy for their nation. They certainly want to win this year tournament and to beat USA’s record.

Americas Rugby Championship TV telecast rights

The next edition of the Americas Rugby Championship 2019 will be available on TV. The most known sports channels will air it. ESPN2, ESPN3, The Rugby Channel will air the game live for the fanatic fans of ARC. These networks are internationally available and you can watch them even if you’re not from the United States.

How to watch Americas Rugby Championship 2019 Live Online

However, if you don’t have access to any of the above-mentioned networks, the internet is your friend. There are many online platforms which will air the matches themselves. If they don’t, they will offer free live-streaming from the TV channels that are airing the tournament. The most popular platforms are: [] and []. They are entirely free to use and can be accessed by anyone from around the world.

So get ready for the next American Rugby Championship, because it announces to be a great competition. Will Argentina maintain its record and win the title for the 7th time? Will the United States manage to win for the third time? The tension is high and we can’t wait for the right time to see the winner of this year.