Two thousand years ago people would gather In Coluseums to watch fit men, and women, of great courage use wit and tact to try take down an opponent of equal measure for the glory and prestige that followed. Fast forward to modern day and you will notice that the roman game still exist but with more structure and order. The gladiators are now highly paid players considered as national heroes, the coluseum is now a high tech stadium with bleachers and the only thing that has changed is that there is now a referee who imposes rules, that is the great game of rugby..

The number of people that enjoy this amazing game is growing each waking day and just like in the olden era, you have to be close to the action to truly enjoy the rugby experience but this is made hard by the great number of people who turn out for this games so below we look at the top 5 sites to get the cheapest rugby tickets to ensure you never miss a game and explain how to easily buy rugby tickets.

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We kick of the list with one of the best and most trusted sites to buy cheap rugby tickets from. offers deals on some of the most sought after tickets like super league finals games and Four Nations tickets. These are the most prestigious and anticipated games by rugby fans all over the world. They site also offers amazing deals on England, Wales and Scotland rugby tickets. The site’s game selections are top notch and you are sure you will get tickets to your favorite teams’ games.


This site an online market place with thousands of people buying and selling tickets at any one given time. Seatwave is the best bet at convenience and safety when looking for and acquiring a rugby ticket. Seatwave .com is a site that is easy to maneuver around so you can easily pin point whatever ticket you want without time wastage. What makes this site unique as compared to the rest is the assurance of a full refund in case you do not acquire your ticket or ticket replacement.


Cheaptickets is exactly what the name suggests. For the biggest bargains to the biggest games, this is the site you need to visit. gets its edge by protecting you as a buyer. Your privacy and security is assured when purchasing a rugby ticket from this site and all you need to worry about is your team’s performance.


Most sites do not offer tickets to Rugby league games and concentrate on super league games instead. Vigogo. Com caters to both super league games and national rugby league games. This site offers the widest selection of rugby ticket games and all you have to do is visit the site, go to the sports section and then chose from the selection of tickets available in either the National Rugby League Premiership or the Super League Rugby category.


Ticket master has partnered with most sponsors meaning you are assured tickets to any rugby game you wish to attend. They offer something that most other sites do not, they ability to decide what type of ticket you to purchase: a paperless one or a collector ticket. This kind of convenience means you will never lose or misplace a ticket.