USA Sevens Rugby history:

 The USA Sevens launched at The Home Depot Center in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson, California in February 2004. Since 2010 this tournament held at its current home named Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. This is the monstrous annual rugby competition in North America and takes plays in 45 matches over a three-day weekend. The USA Rugby holds the right to host the USA Sevens for three years. The USA Sevens tournament is a part of the IRB Sevens World Series every year just not for recent days. It was the part of the IRB Sevens World Series since its 2004 debut.

Moreover, this is the fifth of nine tournaments on the IRB Sevens World Series, played throughout the world at eight other venues: , New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Dubai, South Africa London and Scotland. The USA Sevens tournament makes allowance for 16 teams representing countries from every continent, including the host, the U.S. national team. New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina and Samoa each team got the title of the USA Sevens Rugby for two times.

USA Sevens Rugby 2017

USA Sevens Rugby 2017

 USA Sevens Rugby Llive Steaming:

NBC and NBC Sports are the legal broadcasting partners of the USA Sevens Rugby tournament. NBC began broadcasting the tournament in 2011 and broadcasted four hours of live coverage of the 2011 tournament. In 2013 NBC again increased its TV coverage including 4 hours on NBC and 6 hours on NBC Sports. Live Streaming of the tournament is also available in our site.

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 Next USA Sevens Rugby date and time:

 The 2014 USA Sevens tournament will be occupied on January 24-26, 2014 at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first match will be on 24 January 2014 kicking off at 16.00 between South Africa and Wales in the Sam Boyd Stadium, Whitney, Nevada. In this season sixteen rugby playing countries going to participate. Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, Fiji, France, Kenya, New Zealand, Portugal, Samoa, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, United States, Uruguay and Wales are the name of those sixteen teams. The final of the 2014 USA Sevens tournament will be played on 26 January at 14:25 in the Sam Boyd Stadium.

 USA Sevens Rugby last wining:

 The 2013 USA Sevens, the 5th tournament of 2012–13 IRB Sevens World Series as well as the 10th edition of the USA Sevens tournament was won by South Africa. In the final on 10 February at Whitney stadium South Africa defeated New Zealand by 40–21. Samoa gained the third place title by beating Fiji 36-31. The host stadium was the Sam Boyd Stadium in the Las Vegas-area community of Whitney, Nevada. The teams of the 2013 USA Sevens were divided into pools of four teams, who played a round-robin within the pool.

 Draw, Fixture and point table:

 Viewers can get easy to use fixture table on the official website of the USA Sevens Rugby. Before any other source publish the fixture USA Sevens Rugby official site has the first right to give their updated fixture. Besides the official app many other websites present full fixture of the USA Sevens Rugby on different local timing. The updated fixture of the 2014 USA Sevens Rugby is also at your fingertips through our site.

 A user-friendly point table is given in our site. Here you can easily reveal the exact standings of your supported team in the USA Sevens Rugby tournament. In this table number of played match, won match and lost match are shown in an easy to understand situation of the participant team.

 Betting and odd dictation:

 Every year during the second weekend of February the USA Sevens is held. Most of the seasons of the tournament continue in 45 matches over a three-day weekend. On those three days betting on the USA Sevens Rugby becomes crowd-pleasing. Now bet on the USA Sevens Rugby matches and test your prediction accuracy level. Free betting tips are also delivered in our site.

USA Sevens Rugby Fan page, news and forum information:

The USA Sevens Rugby has an advanced fan page for over 60,000 fans of them. Get on the news and happenings of the tournament on their fan page first. You must follow the USA Sevens Rugby fan page as a beloved fan of it.

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USA Sevens Rugby apps [IOS & ANDROID] and official site information:

There are many USA Sevens Rugby applications in the market. News, live scoring, live wallpapers etc. are different features of these applications. You can also find gaming application in the market. These apps are compatible with both ios and andriod devices.

 The USA Sevens Rugby official site brings news, schedules, competition information, ticketing information etc. You must visit to that site of USA Sevens Rugby. Every single updated news of the tournament first. This is the full and fair solution for USA Sevens Rugby fans.


USA Sevens Rugby Ticket Information:

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