In the recent announcement of the Rugby World Cup fixture set for 2019, Wales will match Georgia in pool D. However, in a few days’ time, Cardiff Meeting Wales vs Georgia November 2017 will be held at Millennium Stadium for the first time in a test match. The two teams are garnering a display of a must-watch game and to charge their strength against the formidable opponent.

Jamie Roberts called back so don’t miss to watch him at Cardiff on coming Saturday, November 18, 2017.

Cardiff Meeting Wales vs Georgia Rugby November 2017

The Georgia versus Wales previous face to face meeting saw a heart throbbing tight game between the two opponents. The game tested their ability to pull a fight with key players from both ends on the bench. Wales would proceed to win the game.

Wales vs Georgia Rugby Game Schedule

Cardiff Meeting Wales vs Georgia November 2017 probably an important game for the Wales to amuse their fans at the home ground. Let’s see the schedule for details.

Georgia Troops Game

The Georgia rugby team, who are currently ranked at number 12 worldwide, are known for their unique formation of 4-1-4-1. They will be looking to bring out their A-game against Wales as the underdogs.

The Georgia already start to take hard preparation to snatch the first victory from the Wales cottage.

Wales Rugby Game Brief History

The Wales Rugby team, on the other hand, are currently ranked at number 7 worldwide. Their favorite position is the 4-4-1-1. They have previously enjoyed more wins against Georgia in the past games and hope to keep the winning streak going this time around.

Wales And Georgia Last matches Stats

The last matches played by each team has seen Wales win 4 games, draw in 5 and lost 1. Whereas Georgia has had the bad end of it with zero wins, 5 draws and 5 losses.

You would imagine that they would be set for a disadvantage in their upcoming game, or will they clinch their must needed first win? Currently, they are in a bad position and need that win to turn the tables.

Cardiff Meeting Wales vs Georgia November 2017 Prediction

However, that said, Georgia stand a better chance with a 69% prediction in their favor to win the match. Much of this is due to their team line up that’s well in form compared to the Wales team and the tactical analysis done on both sides. Though the teams haven’t yet been finally announced, it’s easy to make another prediction on the starting line up from the onset basis on last matches played and fit players on board. But even with such favorable predictions riding on Georgia, Wales might pull a win still.