Fiji and Scotland are both international rugby teams who feature talented players. From the famous 33 year old Ross Ford from the Scotland team who has made a total of 109 caps to date to Fiji’s 33 year old flanker, Akapusi Qera who has had a total of 56 caps to date. The two are set to go head to head on the 24th of June in ANZ National Stadium, in Suva of which this will be the chance for Fiji to win on home ground. Fiji has only managed to win once in their match against Scotland. This is a highly anticipated match that has got everyone talking.

Fiji vs Scotland Rugby

Fiji vs Scotland Rugby 2017

Highlights on latest match on June 2012

In their most recent match which took place in June 2012, Scotland beat Fiji with a staggering 12 points as the match ended at 37-25 at Churchill Park in Lautoka, Fiji. Fiji looked like they were about to snatch the lead in the beginning of the match but Scotland pushed hard and put things out of reach towards the end. Scotland were hammered the previous time they were there, so earning the win against such a passionate Fiji team was something special and an impeccable achievement.

Previous matches

Fiji and Scotland has had several matches in the past, six of them to be precise. Scotland seemed to be on a winning streak as in the 6 matches, Scotland has won 5 times leaving Fiji with only one win. This teams have however only faced each other once in the Rugby World Cup, in the year 2003 in the month of November of which Scotland won the match with a narrow margin. The match ended at 22-20. In their first match ever which was on the 28th of October 1989, Scotland registered a home win in Edinburgh. 9 years later on May 26th, Fiji destroyed Scotland at their Suva National Stadium in Fiji. At 2002, Scotland recovered their win by beating Fiji in a match at Edinburgh that ended with 36-22.

Who will win?

Based on the previous years, Scotland has had the upper hand winning a total of 83% of the matches they ever played together. However, Fiji has only lost to Scotland once in while playing at home in Fiji and have registered one win in 1998. Scotland’s new coach also Gregor Townsend is set to debut his first match against Fiji. For the past over 13 years history of the World Rugby Rankings have Scotland been in top four. This is the chance for Scotland to waddle their way to the top by defeating Fiji.

Scotland New Coach and records

Ross Ford is set to become the record cap holder for Scotland after been declared as the side in the upcoming match. He will win his 110th Cap, According to Townsend’s line up, three of the players will not be in any game time. They include the hooker George tuner, the scrum half Sean Kennedy and D’Arcy Rae who is Glasgow’s Prop. John Hardier is set to play after an 8 month long injury interrupted season.

When and where can I catch the action?

This match is set to be on the 24th Of June 2017 at ANZ Stadium, Suva, Fiji. The game will kick off at 3.30 am. You can catch the live action from Sky sports in the US an on ITV and SuperSport in the UK, England and Wales.