Everyone is gearing up for the match that’s dubbed as the most awaited match in International Rugby. Finally, South Africa vs. Ireland will happen at Dublin on November 11. Expect from a massive and loud crowd made up thousands of passionate rugby fans in the Aviva Stadium. Kick off will start by 5:30 p.m. And before that let’s see the South Africa vs. Ireland Rugby November 11 Preview.

Audiences around the world cheering for either team will have the chance to watch via live stream hosted by International sports channels that will cover the said event. It is exactly just four days to go before the match of the century happens before our eyes and the intense rugby fever is on!

South Africa vs. Ireland Rugby November 11 Preview

A lot of sports experts and sports analyst are battling whether the Ireland team will be able to defend their victory once again in their hometown or the South African players are going to be back with a vengeance. Anything can happen. South Africa vs. Ireland at Dublin match on November 11 will be quite unpredictable. One team has held the crown for so long and the other just won’t quit rising up from the ashes. It really isn’t that impossible since South Africa is now ranked at 7th in the sports. We will definitely see on November 11.

South Africa vs. Ireland Schedule (Time & Venue)

Dublin Match South Africa vs. Ireland

It was a prophecy waiting to happen from way back the early 1900s. The rivalry sparked first in the same stadium where the same teams and the same line-up first happened. The Aviva Stadium was indeed the home where the two teams last faced off. In the last match-up, the South African troops suffered a defeat at the hands of the Ireland team with the final score of 29 against 15.

Face to Face Meeting

The Ireland team bested their opponent in the very territory of the South African team. Since their first game in 1906, the two teams have had 25 rugby test matches against each other to date. The South Africa vs. Ireland at Dublin match on November 11, 2017, will determine who will increase their stakes in getting bragging rights. Although Ireland holds the last victory, South Africa has shown a significantly good performance with a record of 18 wins out of the 25 test matches. Meanwhile, Ireland still won six and looks like their team is out for more wins.