The Super 15 Rugby Semi Finals Being among the few sports that are played across a very diverse time zone, it is no wonder that the super rugby 15 attracts a lot of attention. This is more so the case when the league is nearing a close since it is when things get really heated up. With that said, it is that time again and the semi finalists have been confirmed but not without some major disappointments and let downs along the way just as you would expect with any other sports. 

The Chiefs started off the campaign with the hopes of landing a third consecutive trophy but they fell to the Brumbies 32-30 they could seal a semi final spot hence their devastating end to the end of the season. Now it is up to the Waratahs, the crusaders, Sharks and fourth placed Brumbies to battle it out and find out who makes it to the final two and get a shot a chasing the title down. As usual, the procedure will remain unchanged with the Super Rugby semifinal A/B criteria remaining as it has usually been. 

In the semifinal A, the Crusaders will play against the Sharks at the Christchurch AMI stadium of the 26th of July at 19:35 local time in a match up that will see both team bring out their best foot given the seriousness of the situation. 

On the Semi final B, the Waratahs will be playing against the hard pushing Brumbies in Sydney still on the same date as the first semi final with the kick of time slated to be a 19:30 local time. The confidence of the free scoring Coleman for the Brumbies might be a great influence given his performance against the chiefs. He will be the one player that might be the deciding factor in a game that is otherwise thought to be very tight. 

Nevertheless considering the current form of the Waratahs, this might not be a great issue as such but again at this level you can’t overlook even the smallest advantage as it might end up being the determinant. We will just wait and see who survives the blood bath.