The Irish team is currently occupying the 3rd position in the REC European championships, with 4 points after Scotland, first, and France, second. The green jerseys are heading to the International with what looks like a high spirit and a strong will for the big gold cup. The upcoming games are predicted to be the most action-packed. Keep your eyes on these games

IRFU Ireland Rugby Upcoming Games 2017

USA Eagles VS  IRFU Ireland Rugby

On Saturday, June 10th, the Irish team is set to meet head to head with the USA Eagles team in Red Bull Arena, at 17:00 as part of the Summer Series. The Irish team has already beaten the Americans the 8 times they have met.

Japan VS Irish Rugby

The team are set to meet with Japan on two different dates. On Saturday, June 17th, at 14:00, the game will take place at Ecopa Stadium. While on the 24th, it will be at the Ajinomoto Stadium in Japan. The Irish team has also won all of the 5 matches that they have played with the Japanese. The two games happening are considered as test matches, nothing else, but the Irish team should consider these games as practice for their upcoming encounters in the Guinness series.

South Africa vs IRFU Irish Rugby

Later, in November, on the 12th, the team is set to meet with Irish and South Africa Springboks in the Aviva Stadium at 14:30, as part of the Guinness Series. The Springboks were able to take 6 wins only from the entire 25 games in which they faced the Irish team.

Argentinians vs IRELAND RUGBY

13 days later, on the 25th of November, the team will return to Aviva Stadium to meet with the Argentinians at 17:30. Argentina was able to defeat the Irish team 10 times out of the 16 times they have played against each other. This game could be a defining moment in the team’s journey in the Guinness series since their opponent clearly presents a challenge. We are always on the edge when it comes to such crucial games.

IRFU Ireland Rugby Upcoming Games 2017 TV Schedule & Fixture

June 2017

  • Sat 10 Jun    17:00   United States vs Ireland Rugby, Ireland Red Bull Arena
  • Sat 17 Jun    14:00  Japan vs Ireland Rugby, Ireland Ecopa Stadium
  • Sat 24 Jun    14:40 Japan vs Ireland Rugby, Ireland Ajinomoto Stadium

November 2017

If the IRFU Irish team wishes to keep its high rankings and reputation as a rugby team, they will have to deliver their A game during these matches. And practice is only a small part of it. The team has to be confident of its own abilities, and hope the coach and staff will come prepared with new strategies and techniques. The team not only has to maintain its winning streaks against the USA and the Japanese, but they have to assert their position and abilities against the teams that were previously able to defeat them.

The are not going to settle for another loss against the Argentinian’s. The men are in no way willing to accept defeat, which makes these games really steamy and worth watching. If Ireland can pull a win against Argentina, it would the turning point in the rankings, and it would as well elevate the team’s spirits for further games. If Ireland can pull a win against Argentina, it would the turning point in the rankings, and it would as well elevate the team’s spirits for further games.

You can watch the games and cheer for your team on Sky Sports, or you can tune into www.irishrugby. ie to watch the live streaming, as well as special footage and highlights of all of the Irish team’s games.