The Rugby World Cup 2019 isn’t too far away now. All over the world, rugby fans are booking hotels. Tickets and flights to Japan. Imagine what it will be like for the fans who can’t get to RWC Japan 2019 and who have to be content to watch the Japan World Cup Rugby on TV. So, here’s the Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures TV Guide for the fans who can’t fly for Japan to watch the game bodily at the stadium.

The first surprise of the world cup is that Namibia has qualified to play in it. They beat Kenya and won the Rugby Africa Gold Cup in August 2018. What other surprises and upsets will there be one wonders. Certainly, the rugby world is in for a few more!

Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixtures TV Guide

The new stadium which will host the rugby world cup opened on the 19th August 2018, ahead of the tournament. Matches will be held in the Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium in Japan’s and it is hoped that the high-profile games will attract many young people across Asia to the game. See below the pool wise fixture, kickoff time, date, venue.

Pool A

Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Samoa, and host Japan is in the pool A. Scroll down and see the kickoff time of the matches.

  • Japan vs Russia – 19:45(JT) – Friday 20th Sep. – Tokyo Stadium, Tokyo
  • Ireland vs Scotland – 16:45(JT) – Sunday 22nd Sep. – International Stadium Yokohama
  • Russia vs Samoa – 19:15(JT) – Tuesday 24th Sep. – Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
  • Japan vs Ireland – 16:15(JT) – Saturday 28th Sep. – Shizuoka Stadium, Ecopa
  • Scotland vs Samoa – 19:15(JT) – Monday 30th Sep. – Kobe Misaki Stadium
  • Ireland vs Russia – 19:15(JT) – Thursday 03rd Oct. – Kobe Misaki Stadium
  • Japan vs Samoa – 19:30(JT) – Saturday 05th Oct. – City of Toyota Stadium
  • Scotland vs Russia – 16:15(JT) – Wednesday 09th Oct. – Shizuoka Stadium, Ecopa
  • Ireland vs Samoa – 19:45(JT) – Saturday 12th Oct. Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
  • Japan vs Scotland – 19:45(JT) – Sunday 13th Oct. – International Stadium, Yokohama

Pool B

New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Namibia, and Repechage Winner are in the pool B of RWC 2019. See the details fixtures of it.

  • New Zealand vs South Africa- 18:45(JT) – Saturday 21st Sep. – International Stadium, Yokohama
  • Italy vs Namibia – 14:15(JT) – Sunday 22nd Sep. – Hanazono Rugby Stadium
  • Italy vs Repechage Winner – 16:45(JT) – Thursday 26th Sep. – Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
  • South Africa vs Namibia – 18:45(JT) – Saturday 28th Sep.- City of Toyota Stadium
  • New Zealand vs Repechage Winner – 19:15(JT) – Wednesday 2nd Oct. – Oita Stadium
  • South Africa vs Italy – 18:45(JT) – Friday 04th Oct. – Shizuoka Stadium, Ecopa
  • New Zealand vs Namibia –  13:45(JT) – Sunday 06th Oct. – Tokyo Stadium
  • South Africa vs Repechage Winner – 19:15(JT) – Tuesday 08th Oct. – Kobe Misaki Stadium
  • New Zealand vs Italy – 13:45(JT) – Saturday 12th Oct. – International Stadium, Yokohama
  • Namibia vs Repechage Winner – 12:15(JT) – Sunday 13th Oct. – Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium

Pool C

The Rugby teams named The United States(USA), England, France, Argentina, Tonga are in the Pool C of the Rugby’s one of the largest tournaments featuring RWC 2019.

  • France vs Argentina – 16:15(JT) – Saturday 21st Sep. – Sapporo Dome
  • England vs Tonga – 19:15(JT) – Monday 22nd Sep. – Sapporo Dome
  • England vs. the United States – 19:45(JT) – Thursday 26th Sept. – Kobe Misaki Stadium
  • Argentina vs. Tonga – 13:45(JT) – Saturday 28th Sept. – Hanazono Rugby Stadium
  • France vs. the United States – 16:45(JT) – Wednesday 2nd Oct. – Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
  • England vs. Argentina – 17:00(JT) – Saturday 05th Oct. – Tokyo Stadium
  • France vs. Tonga – 16:45(JT) – Sunday 06th Oct. – Kumamoto Stadium
  • Argentina vs. the United States – 13:45(JT) – Wednesday 09th Oct. – Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
  • England vs. France – 17:15(JT) – Saturday 12th Oct. – International Stadium Yokohama
  • The United States vs. Tonga – 14:45(JT) – Sunday 13th Oct. – Hanazono Rugby Stadium

Pool D

The Rugby playing nations like Wales, Australia, Georgia, Fiji, Uruguay will represent the Pool D of this largest tournament of Rugby.

  • Australia vs. Fiji – 13:45(JT) – Saturday 21st Sep. – Sapporo Dome
  • Wales vs. Georgia – 19:15(JT) – Monday 23rd Sep. – City of Toyota Stadium
  • Fiji vs. Uruguay – 14:15(JT) – Wednesday 25th Sep. – Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
  • Georgia vs. Uruguay – 14:15(JT) – Sunday 29th Sep. – Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
  • Australia vs. Wales – 16:45(JT) – Sunday 29th Sep. – Tokyo Stadium
  • Georgia vs. Fiji – 14:15(JT) – Thursday 03rd Oct. – Hanazono Rugby Stadium
  • Australia vs. Uruguay – 14:15(JT) – Saturday 05th Oct. – Oita Stadium
  • Wales vs. Fiji – 18:45(JT) – Wednesday 09th Oct. – Oita Stadium
  • Australia vs. Georgia – 19:15(JT) – Friday 11th Oct. – Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
  • Wales vs. Uruguay – 17:15(JT) – Sunday 13th Oct. – Kumamoto Stadium

Knockout Stage

In the knockout stage will start from Saturday 19th October and end up through the Final on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at International Stadium, Yokohama. The schedule will be updated after ending the group stage matches.

Rugby World Cup 2019 Where To Watch

If you are planning on watching the World Cup at home, or on a huge screen in your hometown, you will need a Rugby World Cup 2019 Fixture TV Guide so that you can plan ahead and record any matches you think you might have to miss. You can watch the game live streaming online or can watch on your cable tv. See below the 2019 Rugby World Cup game live broadcasters.

  • The United States – NBC Sports, UDN, Unimas, Univision
  • The United Kingdom – BT Sport, BBC, ITV, Sky Sports
  • Japan – IGBS, J Sport TV
  • New Zealand – TVNZ
  • South Africa – SuperSport
  • Ireland – Eir Sport

Prediction for Each Pool

It’s anyone’s guess who will be top of the pile in Pool A, although Ireland or Samoa seem likely winners on past form.

The winners in Pool B will probably be either New Zealand or South Africa, depending on the players who are match fit.

It’s very unlikely that the USA will be top of the heap in Pool C, and the money will most likely be on either England or their old enemy, France.

Undoubtedly the favorite to win in Pool D will be Australia, although Wales might just snatch the top place.

How to buy Rugby World Cup 2019 Tickets

You can buy tickets for the Rugby World Cup online from the Rugby World Cup 2019 official website. You will be able to buy bundle tickets between January and February 2019, although there will be a limited number of them.

Please be aware that you can only buy 6 tickets for a match. Don’t leave it until the last minute to get your tickets. Don’t rely on getting them from ticket touts outside the stadium on the day of the match.

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