Whether you want to follow the latest rugby news and look at the performance of your team, or you want to show your rugby prowess by answering questions, there are hundreds of applications for Android and Apple devices. There are also rugby applications that allow users to stream live rugby games. These applications come in handy especially when the user is on the go or in a place without a TV or any other mean to watch a live rugby match. Below are a few of the top rugby applications:

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How to Watch Rugby Live Free on iPad, iPhone

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Mobile Sports TV

This is another one of top Rugby TV apps where you can Watch live Rugby streams on iPad, iPhone and a range of other mobile devices. The good thing is that you can keep track of your favorite tournament and focus on your best team and players while on the go. The app is compatible with a range of devices including Apple, Android and Symbian. This means that no one is left out provided they have a Smartphone or related

Freebets Rugby Logo Quiz

This is a free to play quiz that provides a great way to increase and test your knowledge on rugby matters. It is among the first of its kind and includes teams from all over the world from South Africa to New Zealand. It is one of the best applications that you can use to share the knowledge and the fun with friends or just keep yourself busy during coffee break.

Official Rugby Football Union App

This is an app that brings the rugby game to life in your phone. You get to access the latest news and all the breaking headlines about the team as well as the players. There are detailed commentary text and score updates to keep you informed about the recent, current and future games. The games available are international with an inclusion of grassroots tournaments. It is an easy to navigate app which is battery friendly. Open iTunes to buy and download apps. iTunes Link

Super XV – Super Rugby Live
This is a watch rugby live stream iPhone app that enables users to access their favorite game on their devices. The app has been reloaded with more live content, features and an overall increase in the interaction experience. The app also allows social media integration to ensure users share the news they grab from the headlines and news. This is one of the top rugby TV apps you can have on your device.