The present rugby season will be more than interesting for all Fiji players. This year, Fiji Rugby Upcoming Matches might bring a lot of excitement. Most players are prepared, and the coach has a huge ambition. He wants his team to play on the highest level during the most important fixtures. Fiji team will have a lot of challenges with World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup, which is a preparation for Rugby World Cup 2017. Other matches will also be intense.

Fiji Rugby Upcoming Matches in 2017:

Fiji Rugby Upcoming Matches

Fiji v New Zealand Rugby:

The first Fiji Rugby upcoming event is Fiji vs New Zealand, which is coming on April 8th, 2017. Fiji prepares the right tactics for this HSBC World Rugby Seven Series match. As per recent stories, Fiji attack will be slightly different. They plan to change the players who are responsible for attacks. This might bring great results. At the same time, All Blacks are traditionally strong in defensive line. We should expect a great match.

Australia v Fiji Rugby:

The other Fiji Rugby upcoming fixture in World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup is Australia vs Fiji in Melbourne on 10th June, 2017. It will be a real test for both teams. They claim they are well-prepared, so the fans can enjoy a true excitement. Australian Walabbies are preparing with the support of the coach Michael Cheika, who wants to make a noticeable success this year. Will it be a threat for Fiji team members and their coach Gareth Baber? It is left to see.

Fiji vs Brazil Rugby:

One more match might bring a lot of attention. Fiji’s coach Michael Cheika speaks about the event that is coming in April. Fiji will meet Brazil as part of Seven Series matches. The coach is in need for serious approach, especially if we know how dangerous the Brazilian team could be.

Fiji v Italy Rugby:

This Fiji Rugby fixture is all about experience. Italian rugby team members are relatively young, but they this have a lot of knowledge. On the other hand, Fiji has few amazing players who can make a real difference in the game. They will make anything to win the match. Fiji vs. Italy Rugby Game Preview 

Fiji vs Scotland Rugby:

ANZ Stadium, Suva will host the very exciting Fiji rugby fixture this year. June 24th is reserved for the meeting between the team that had a long history of interesting matches. Every time they play against each other, the audience truly enjoys. We believe it will be the same this time. Fiji is certainly prepared to win some of the most important matches this year. Get Fiji vs Scotland Rugby Head to Head game

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